Nectarine Nutrition

Everything you need to know about nectarine nutrition

Of course everyone has heard that they should eat their fruit, and there is plenty to cheer about when looking at nectarine nutrition facts.  Of course all fruits are healthy, but nectarines have many aspects that make them shine above many other different kinds of fruit.  Nectarines belong to the peach family, although they have smooth skin rather than the fuzzy skin that is associated with peaches.  The nectarine is also related to the almond family.  Nectarines are usually smaller and sweeter than peaches, and they tend to bruise more easily.  Many experts believe that nectarines arise from a recessive gene trait found in peaches because there have been plenty of cases in which a nectarine actually grew from a peach tree.  Of course all of these interesting facts about nectarines just don’t hold a candle to just how nutritious this fruit is.

Nectarine nutrition for weight loss

Many of the nectarine’s health facts make it one of the most perfect weight loss foods you can consider.  Nectarines are very low in saturated fat and cholesterol.  That fact, combined with the fact that is a great source of dietary fiber, means the nectarine is very filling, while not adding any fat to your diet.  Basically, the nectarine will fill you up, curb your appetite for a while, and give you important nutrients rather than empty calories from fat and cholesterol.

Full of vitamins and minerals

As with all fruits, nectarines are full of vitamins and minerals, but let’s take a look at the specifics.  Nectarines are very high in vitamin C and vitamin A.  They also have quite a bit of niacin and potassium.  There is also a little bit of iron and calcium in nectarines, although it probably is not enough to write home about.  All in all, these vitamins make the nectarine perfect for anyone who wants to stay healthy.

The one bad thing about nectarine nutrition

The only bad thing about nectarines is that they do contain quite a bit of sugar.  This makes the nectarine a nearly perfect food, although you should still watch how much you consume, simply because of the higher sugar content.

The best way to eat nectarines

Of course the healthiest way to eat nectarines is always raw, but they also offer plenty of nutrition if you eat them canned.  The bad thing about eating them canned is that this does tend to increase the amount of sugar you get from the nectarines even more.  This is because usually canned nectarines have sugary fruit syrup in with them.

Choosing healthy nectarines is an important part of eating the fruit raw.  Always look for nectarines that have a very firm skin that is also smooth.  If you really want to purchase nectarines even if the store has only unripe ones, then it is very easy to ripen them yourself.  Just store the nectarines inside a brown paper bag.  This will help the fruit ripen a bit more quickly.